Select Auto Body is more than a repair shop. We do everything we can to cut your costs and make the process as painless as possible.

Specifically, we can handle dealing with the insurance company and arranging transportation while you're short one car.

Depending on what's invovled we can often save you $100 or more on your deductible.

We're not a huge outfit. We're just a small town family operation. That means we can do business the way we think it should be done and focus on customers only.

Ron's father owned a body shop. Ron and Margie, who have three young sons, started their own shop back in 2004. Ron does most of the work himself. The family pitches in and helps out.

Along with accident claims, Select Auto Body handles small jobs like rust touch ups and detilaing work that many larger operations don't want to bother with.

We also specialize in major restoration work. Let us help put your classic car back on the road.